Scheibe/Myers/Woodward/Gardner/Westbrook Family History

Welcome to Scott's ancestry which on my Fathers side is Scheibe/Westbrook and my Mothers side Myers/Woodward, both go back at least 7 generations. Major surname lines (beside those already mentioned) are Reiche, McGinnis, Manley, Nance, Kelly, Hunt, Kissel, Shaw, Baum, Frazier, McCloud, Aldrich, and Gardner.

The Descendants of Captain Henry Woodward have generations from the 1700's to today. It came from the booklet called Descendants of Captain Henry Woodward, and follows the descendants of his 4 sons: James Abraham Woodward, Jesse Woodward, John Joshua Woodward and William Presley Woodward. There are over 5000 descendants in the database.

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